Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Little Fits

Bird has had a couple of interesting reactions lately when we try to go out. The weekend before last, he kept pulling me toward the door of Staples. He wasn't too agitated, but clearly he wanted to get out. Then, he began crying as we got out of the car to enter WalMart. These were big, fat, distressed tears, not the angry ones we sometimes get. We asked him, "What's wrong? Why are you crying?" With great effort he answered, "Go home." I was so proud of him! We've never heard him say that. Back to the car he and I went while the rest of the family went inside.

This past weekend, the pulling toward the door happened again, this time in Lowe's. No tears, just a clear tug toward the door. He entertained himself at the fountain in the garden department while we waited for his dad. All was well. But now it's dinnertime. On to a restaurant. Now those are interesting places. He's great in many of them, but some are a little tougher to handle. I remember an episode at Friday's where he withdrew completely because there was too much stimulation. He blankly stared at the table for part of the meal or tried to face the wall. Perkins, though, is much quieter. Thought it would work out. It didn't.

The poor boy laid across my lap or with his head on my shoulder for nearly the entire visit. I'd persuade him to sit in his chair. He'd last a moment and then come back. As I ate dinner over him, I realized we were drawing a couple of looks and probably for good reason. Then... he threw up. I never saw it coming.

Frankly, I thought he was just being autistic. I don't know if he ate something he shouldn't have or got so stressed out that he couldn't handle it (probably he ate something). It's a little unnerving to be reminded that your child won't tell you when he's not well. I don't know that he can.


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