Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Transition is coming! Our choices appear to be an autism classroom or regular classroom with support. And it only gets more interesting from there. The good news appears to be, though, that we won't be able to sell our house. Now that I've learned more about the district we were hoping to live in, I'll take our little rural one anyday.

Time and time again, I've heard great things about the other district - well-monied, good graduation rates, excellent programming - but not such great things about special education, including a number of conversations with a high school special ed teacher who wrings his hands over requests to retest juniors who want to go to college after graduation.

Most kids are identified as having a learning disability or even Asperger's in early elementary school. We know that they don't grow out of those disabilities, but we do know they can learn to compensate for them, so students should know where they stand when they are 15 or 16 or 17 versus where they stood at age 8. Why should the district pay? First, because they ethically should. If we are decent, reasonable people trying to teach kids in the best way, we should have a clear picture about the severity of a disability. Also legally, schools must faciliate the transition of their students into the adult world in whatever way that should happen. Second, legislation states that students can be tested at any point if it is requested by the school or by parents. Parents could ask for it yearly, if they wanted, and would be entitled to it under IDEA-2004 guidelines. Thirdly, it costs districts about $80. It costs many families between $300 and $1200. That's a big expense that's tied directly to education. Under IDEA families are entitled to a Free and Appropriate Education. If they need testing in order to plan for the best transition activities in their senior year, the district should do it. And so... I hear this guy and am frustrated. Then I meet with his recently graduated seniors who are incensed and it's not pretty (though I diligently hold my tongue).

The hand-wringing gets me most because it is stated without regard to who the kid is. Any conversation about transition leads him to this mournful discussion of the cost of testing, not whether or not it's good information or if it facilitates any changes in the kid's education, just the cost. Ridiculous....


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